How we worship? We believe in worship that captivates the heart of God. Worship may take on different forms but we like to enjoy the presence of the Lord. This is our norm, so we relate to God in our humanity like others may relate to their favorite team to a touchdown. Bottom line, we believe God is worthy of celebration. We believe with God in our equation, worship is the order of the day.


What we value? Authenticity, Generosity, Relationship, Community, and Family. We see ourselves as a company of believers ready to do our part in establishing God's kingdom here on earth. That's a big task, but teamwork helps us go further quicker. Replication and Activation help us to accomplish Uncommon things in the earth!


How we grow? Jesus was a People-builder and people are God's greatest commodity. So, we build people first. Our model hinges upon being ministers of reconciliation and upon everyone using their God-given gifts. When we grow inward, we can reach outward to those who have yet to experience the God we serve.

Why we need you? Well, we're building something. We believe that "something" is necessary for people who look to be an agent of change in their world. We don't have all the answers, but maybe you have some answers in your bag. The real story is we need people like you to help further the movement. Without people like you, it's going to take a bit longer to tow the load. Honestly, you're probably the missing piece!