Your Place

We have a place for you. There's a lot of work to do in the kingdom of God and we are just getting started in finding and creating ways to fulfill the vision God has given us. As we grow, we need people who are willing to plow the ground for future ministries and service.


Your Company

1 Samuel 10 shares the story of King Saul's men and Saul encountering the company of the prophets and experiencing life change. When you come into the presence of those who are anointed to change your life, your life changes! Come find your company, your tribe, the folks who can effect change in your life as you navigate your journey with Christ!


Your Calling

Maybe you know exactly what you are called to do or maybe you are just trying to figure it out. However, all of us have something to offer to the Body of Christ when we discover, develop, and dispense it! Finding your calling is just one part, but working your calling is where all the fun begins!